Clearance Christmas Items to Grab for Halloween

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After Halloween, all of us Halloween folks run for the clearance shelves like it’s Black Friday and we have to get ALL THE THINGS. But is it possible you might be missing some much needed items on those Christmas clearance aisles? 

Let me show you something. 

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like chainsaw mayhem.

These are chainsaw Christmas ornaments. Did you hear me? THEY ARE CHAINSAW CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. You can’t even imagine the giddiness that sprung forth in the Walmart when I found these. Intended for the handiman/woman contingent, these little beauties were found amongst other power tool ornaments such as a circular saw and a drill, but no power tool says Halloween like the iconic chainsaw. 

“But Kel, listen.” You begin. “I know you got lucky and you found you a mini chainsaw, but surely there’s nothing else I need out of the Christmas clearance, right?”

Honey, let me just show you something. Again. Here’s all the stuff you may (or may not – I won’t be too presumptuous) need from all that lovely Christmas clearance stuff:

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