Halloween Color Palettes for Crafting, Designing, Etc.

Over the years, “Halloween colors” have evolved from the traditional black and orange to include all manner of colors across the spectrum. Colors such as purple and green have become traditional since the days of Dennison’s Bogie Book and now, you can even find pastel Halloween palettes.

A traditional color palette with a variety of orange and yellow along with customary black.

I love color and love playing with it, so I cooked up some color palettes for fun. They’re inspired by everything from vintage Halloween to slasher films. Enjoy!

I used the packaging of an old Ben Cooper Halloween costume box for this palette.
Inspired by the colors of the traditional look of Frankenstein’s monster.
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Nashville Haunted Hayride & Woods – Haunt Spotlight

Nashville Haunted Hayride

I love the idea of Haunted Hayrides. You take the serene, autumn-tinged quaintness of a nice hayride and turn it sinister. Perfect.

I’ve been on a number of haunted hayrides and, with the exception of Walt Disney World’s now-long-defunct Headless Horseman Hayride that was once at Fort Wilderness, most of them have been fairly disappointing. Not really scary and not even all that atmospheric. Still, it’s the idea that keeps me loving haunted hayrides and wanting more out of them.

I was unable to attend 2018’s Nashville Haunted Hayride & Woods due to the fact I spent most of my Halloween dollars and time in Orlando. But this year, I’m going to make absolutely sure that I pay this haunt a visit. While dates aren’t set for 2019, the haunt, produced by Thirteenth Floor, the same group that produces the popular Los Angeles Hayride, is listed on their main attraction page, so they should be returning for 2019.

The haunt is comprised of two attractions, the hayride and the haunted woods. Both sound pretty straightforward:

“You’ve been warned…what was once a nice fall hayride, has turned sinister. Come face-to-face with some of the most demented monsters on earth, who find joy in unleashing their terror on unwanted visitors. Attempt to find your way out of the hayride or face your tragic demise…”

Description on the Nashville Haunted Hayride’s Attraction Page

The Haunted Woods promise a similar straight forward experience:

“Slide into fear through the deep, dark woods where terror resides in the shadows. Locals believe that the woods are home to creatures that one would not even dare to imagine. Legend has it, those who dare to embark on these trails are doomed to never again see the light of day. Enter into the woods and test your luck, but don’t say you weren’t warned…”

Description on the Nashville Haunted Woods’ Attraction Page

I’m actually pretty stoked about visiting this one in 2019. I didn’t realize they had opened an attraction in Nashville until it was too late for me to make arrangements to go (I don’t live in Nashville, so it’s a trip). This will definitely be added to my Halloween 2019 bucket list. And yes, there will definitely be a review.

What’s on your 2019 bucket list? Have you visited any of Thirteenth Floor’s attractions elsewhere?

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Halloween Thrift Scores – January 2 – Goodwill

Like many of my fellow Halloween fiends, I regularly scope out thrift stores, estate sales and garage sales for Halloween finds. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I come out empty handed.

January 2nd’s trip was fairly decent. Definitely not my best, but certainly not my worst. Here’s what I found.

Plastic Jack O Lantern Lanterns

Yes. My cats like to photobomb me.

These are fairly recent, but I thought they were cute and in good shape, so I took a chance on them. No idea where exactly they came from. A cursory search of Google Images and Ebay turned up nothing, but it’s kind of difficult to find a Jack O Lantern Lantern. Eh.

They’re plastic and made in China. I have no idea if they’ll work once I place batteries in them, but if not, they may be a project piece. Even if they don’t work, they’re cute as all get out and I’m happy with them.

Holland Mold Ceramic Pumpkin

So when I took this bad boy home, I had no idea he was vintage. He looked like something you would pick up in one of those rustic home shops that seem to pop up in deserted downtowns these days. Honestly, I didn’t even check him for any markings. He was a pumpkin and he needed a home.

The bottom is marked Holland Mold 1970 and appears to be signed by the artist. It does have a crack in the back and a small chip on his stem, but he’s in otherwise great shape. There’s a light that feeds through the back with a switch on the back. Here’s a photo of my cat, Bernie, checking him out:

He’s fairly unimpressed.

So only two finds, but I only hit up one Goodwill as I’m still trying to get over this bout of bronchitis and the cold makes it worse. I’m pretty happy with my finds, though.

What have you found recently on your thrift treasure hunts?

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New Horror Movies Releasing in 2019

This post contains affiliate links from which I may receive compensation. For full disclosure, please visit my disclosure page.

2019 promises to be a busy year for new horror movie releases with the new adaptation of Pet Sematary, the conclusion of It, the reboot of Child’s Play and Jordan Peele’s newest horror film, Us. Here’s a great big list of movies coming to your screen (big or small) in 2019.

Escape Room

Release Date: January 4, 2019

I feel like this one will be “what it says on the tin.” A group of strangers must solve the puzzle or die. I don’t want to go to this escape room.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Release Date: February 1, 2019 (Premiering at Sundance in January)

Netflix is just killing it when it comes to horror and it looks like they have another potential hot offering this February with Velvet Buzzsaw. Featuring an all-star cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, John Malkovich, Toni Collette, Daveed Diggs (for those Hamilton fans out there) and Stranger Things‘ Natalia Dyer, this story about a supernatural work of art that exacts revenge on those who let their greed consume them looks promising.

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Clearance Christmas Items to Grab for Halloween

This post contains affiliate links from which I may receive compensation. For full disclosure, please visit my disclosure page.

After Halloween, all of us Halloween folks run for the clearance shelves like it’s Black Friday and we have to get ALL THE THINGS. But is it possible you might be missing some much needed items on those Christmas clearance aisles? 

Let me show you something. 

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like chainsaw mayhem.

These are chainsaw Christmas ornaments. Did you hear me? THEY ARE CHAINSAW CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. You can’t even imagine the giddiness that sprung forth in the Walmart when I found these. Intended for the handiman/woman contingent, these little beauties were found amongst other power tool ornaments such as a circular saw and a drill, but no power tool says Halloween like the iconic chainsaw. 

“But Kel, listen.” You begin. “I know you got lucky and you found you a mini chainsaw, but surely there’s nothing else I need out of the Christmas clearance, right?”

Honey, let me just show you something. Again. Here’s all the stuff you may (or may not – I won’t be too presumptuous) need from all that lovely Christmas clearance stuff:

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