IT’S OFFICIAL! Ghostbusters Comes to Halloween Horror Nights!


Fans have been waiting for this for months as rumors ramped up and excitement reached a fever pitch. And then, we read the copy and our excitement went nuclear. Melting down the containment system nuclear.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, you’ll jump through the movie screen of the original 1984 film and walk through some of your favorite scenes like the New York Public Library, the Temple of Gozer and more.

In this haunted house, you’ll be transported to the streets of New York as the rift between worlds opens, releasing ghoulish spirits, hideous specters and ectoplasm-dripping phantasms in every shape and size. Come face-to-face with the voracious Slimer, the all-power Gozer the Gozerian, Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and more.

Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston will have to save the day as these paranormal creatures materialize in unexpected places – but will their proton packs be enough?

Halloween Horror Nights official page

And if that isn’t enough to get you excited, there’s this:

Get your proton packs on, fellow Ghostbusters! It’s on!

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Halloween Horror Nights 29 Update! Yeti: Terror of the Yukon!

Yesterday, Universal Studios announced their 5th maze and the 3rd original maze for HHN 29 – Yeti: Terror of the Yukon.

Admittedly, this is the first original house I’m truly excited for. For those who attended HHN 28 and went through the Slaughter Sinema maze, they met the Yukon Yeti’s spiritual brother, the Swamp Yeti. And that thing was TERRIFYING. Huge and masterfully played by his scare-actors, that thing was a guaranteed pee-your-pants scare.

And if the marketing copy for the house is any indication, this guy will be just as terrifying (if not more) than his swamp cousin:

From the evil geniuses (they paid me to say that) who brought you Attack of the Swamp Yeti in last year’s grindhouse-themed Slaughter Sinema house comes a frightening new take on the fear-inducing folklore of the wild Yeti. 

Universal’s Official HHN Blog

So far, all the rumors are matching up (to some degree) with reality as a yeti house based on the Swamp Yeti has been rumored since HHN 28’s close. My prediction? You can almost bet on those Ghostbuster and House of 1000 Corpses houses unless something majorly falls through in these final months.

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Halloween Horror Nights 29 Update: Depths of Fear House Announcement HHN29

When I wrote my HHN 29 update post yesterday, I just had this nagging feeling that Universal would announce something the next day. Turns out that nagging feeling was right because this morning, Universal Studios announced the 4th house for HHN 29, an original house by the name of Depths of Fear.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that there was a rumor of a “‘Leviathan’ or Lovecraft themed house. Turns out, that rumor was mostly on point, at least as far as the “Leviathan” theme. Here’s the official marketing copy:

If you have a fear of water and what lies beneath, your skin will crawl with this new haunted house at Halloween Horror NightsDepths of Fear mixes all the elements of the unknown with underwater elements, monstrous creatures and a countdown to a disastrous fate.

Official Halloween Horror Nights site

An “underwater house” has been talked about ever since HHN 28 came to a close, with many people suggesting it would be a Jaws house. When the rumors began to tilt more towards a submerged horror in the depths of the ocean, the rumors began to shift toward either a Lovecraft theme or something similar to Bioshock-lite. However, the story seems to be completely original from those two things instead.

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Halloween Horror Nights 29 (2019) Orlando Updates

Believe it or not, it’s only a little more than 3 months before Halloween Horror Nights opens its doors to the public at Universal Orlando. As of this writing, there have been three houses announced and, as it’s been about a month since the last house was announced, it seems like we should be due for another announcement any moment now. Here’s what we know so far and what the rumor mill has been churning out as we wait for more details.

Stranger Things Is Back

Most people assumed this would be the case with the HHN 28 house being so popular that it was opened for a last hurrah daylight hours tour to the general public. Personally, I loved last year’s house, getting a good run by doing Stay and Scream and hitting the house as it first opened. The Demogorgons were on point, jumping out and opening their maw right in my face as I passed through the house. The set design was also top notch, making you feel as if you had genuinely stepped into Hawkins, Indiana in 1984. 

The artwork and marketing copy for HHN 29’s house promises this house will follow the storyline of season two, so look for Demodogs, the Mind Flayer and more scenes in Hawkins Laboratory this time around. Prediction: We’ll get a scene that has us walk through the old school bus on the bone yard with a puppeteered Demodog trying to grab us through the roof of the bus. 

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