Vintage Halloween Commercials from the 80s

In the 1980s, the only way to skip past the commercials was to walk to the fridge to get a can of Tab. As such, advertisers didn’t have to be too creative with their ad campaigns and yet, we still got some pretty iconic commercials from that era. Naturally, my favorite were the Halloween commercials. So stroll down the lane of television commercials from Halloween past, would you?

Before Spirit Halloween and Amazon, there was Woolworth’s and Ben Cooper costumes. Come October, the shelves would be stacked with neatly organized boxes that promised a plastic mask and apron in sizes S, M and L. If you’re lucky, you might also happen upon a copy of “Sounds to Make You Shiver.”

While this was technically 1990, it’s still a relic of the era.

Another one from the very early 90s (1991), this one is, like the Easter Seals commercial, one that very much holds true to the spirit of the 80s. Honestly advertisers, if you put more Frankenstein in your ads, you’d probably have less folks hitting that “skip ad” button these days.

My first time watching the original Halloween was on a television broadcast like the one advertised above. And I would watch it every time I caught it after as well. This particular ad is for the first television broadcast. Love that voice over.

As far as I know, we never had a Thrifty near where I lived, but there’s some great vintage going on here such as the young girl’s Ben Cooper Strawberry Shortcake costume.

The ghost of Sears past visits us in this one as children launder their Halloween costumes with Kenmore appliances.

In the 80s, Halloween safety was a big deal. Instead of just tossing the whole neighborhood fun of trick or treating out the window with something like trunk or treat, parents and businesses instead found ways to make trick or treating safer as with this offer of a free flashlight available at a local Burger King.

MTV was a staple of the 80s. I won’t regale you with tales of when MTV played nothing but music videos, but instead, leave you with this fairly forgettable Halloween bumper.

To close out this trip down 80s Halloween commercials memory lane, here is what is probably one of the most 80s commercials ever made by Hallmark. It’s totally rad.

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