Marvel Endgame Costumes for Halloween

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True story: I’m a HUGE MCU/Marvel fan. Anyone who knows me well would laugh at that statement because it so seriously undersells my devotion to these characters.

Recently, I started toying with the idea of cosplaying Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow and went in search of costumes. Given that this is probably going to be one of the most popular choices for Halloween 2019, I went ahead and put together a list of what I thought were some of the most attractive costume pieces available commercially. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Captain America

Captain America’s Helmet

Let’s start with my favorite guy. Cap has been around the MCU long enough that there’s plenty of decent costume pieces available commercially, such as the mask above or the remaining pieces below.

Captain America Suit

Captain America’s Shield

Iron Man

Iron Man Helmet

Iron Man lives on as the many who cosplay him year round as well as the Iron Men you’ll see at Halloween parties or at your door on Halloween night. Like Cap, he’s been around the MCU for awhile (since the beginning), so there’s a lot of decent costume pieces available.

Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet


Thanos Costume

Love him or hate him, he’s made an undeniable mark on the MCU. Dress up as Thanos and sit on a rock outside your neighbor’s house demanding treats.

Thanos’ Sword

Avengers’ Quantum Suit

Avengers’ Quantum Suit

Without this baby, none of the events of Endgame would have taken place. If you truly want to evoke the fun of Endgame this Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this costume.

Black Widow

Black Widow Ombre Braid Wig

I unfortunately didn’t find much in the way of the actual outfit that Natasha wore in Endgame (or maybe I’m just more picky with her), but I was surprised that they had this braid already on Amazon.


Mjolnir Hammer Replica

If Thor’s more your speed, you’ve got options. You can either go with trust Mjolnir as your hammer or Stormbreaker.

Stormbreaker Replica

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Suit Costume

Personally, I wish they’d make a version of that cool Tron-Style 80s suit she wore for all of five seconds when she was going through her suit options after defecting from the Kree. Still, you can’t deny how boss this suit is.


Ant-Man Helmet

Ant-Man is the unsung hero of Endgame, so expect to see more of him in cosplay and at Halloween in the coming years. Bonus points if you sing “Come On Get Happy” while dressed as Scott Lang.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Costume

There might be no better fitting costume for Halloween than that of the Sorcerer Supreme himself.

Whatever your Endgame fancy, get out there and own that character. Part of the fun of Halloween is becoming someone (or something) you’re not. And if you do dress up as an Avenger, make sure to show me your costume!

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