Halloween Book Find: Halloween Crafts – Eerily Elegant Decor

Last week, I told you about finding free-to-read back issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland on archive.org

This week, I’m going to begin highlighting some free-to-borrow books on Open Library. Once you’ve signed up with your own account, you can “borrow” any book on the site as long as another user doesn’t have that item checked out. 

Finding Halloween-themed books on the site isn’t difficult through a search, but you find a lot of books that don’t have a lot to offer. Luckily, there’s me, who loves to go through the offerings to see what the years have brought us in the way of Halloween publishing. 

This week’s find is a book called, simply, Halloween Crafts: Eerily Elegant Decor by Kasey Rogers and Mark Wood. What’s especially interesting about this particular book is that it’s co-authored by Kasey Rogers, who portrayed “Louise Tate” on the television series, “Bewitched,” taking over the role when Irene Vernon left the series. Though she has since passed away, this book and a number of others suggest a prolific crafting and DIY life.

When I began sifting through this book, I was initially unimpressed, but I wound up enjoying a lot of the projects presented. Also, it’s good to remind yourself that many of these books were written before YouTube was around. So what might seem like common knowledge (such as using hot glue to simulate dripping candles) wasn’t common knowledge at all. 

Some of the ideas didn’t appeal to me, but I found merit in quite a few of them such as using granite-style spray paint to create stone-style Jack O Lanterns as in this tutorial. 

I’m honestly not even sure if they make that particular brand of granite-style spray paint anymore, but I’m sure there’s something comparable on the market now. 

I was also taken by this tutorial on how to make Jack o Lantern finials. This is one I’m definitely going to try in some capacity. What I’ll do with pumpkin finials is beyond me, but I love it so…

There was also this basic tutorial on how to make a wooden armature for life-size props that I thought was pretty thorough for a basic form. While there’s a lot of videos out there of this kind of thing, I typically find a few good pointers in older tutorials that sometimes get looked over by those of us making the new stuff.

And finally, I really loved this idea. Using a Mrs Butterworth bottle to make a decorative Kitchen Witch. 

What I really love about these forgotten books is that they sometimes get the creative juices flowing, so even if I don’t do something exactly lik the book instructs me to do, it helps me to come up with ideas inspired by the projects in the book. 

Keep up with me on Halloween Meow in the coming weeks and months when I highlight other free and unexpected older sources of Halloween goodness. You can borrow Halloween Crafts: Eerily Elegant Decor at Open Library.

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