Halloween Color Palettes for Crafting, Designing, Etc.

Over the years, “Halloween colors” have evolved from the traditional black and orange to include all manner of colors across the spectrum. Colors such as purple and green have become traditional since the days of Dennison’s Bogie Book and now, you can even find pastel Halloween palettes.

A traditional color palette with a variety of orange and yellow along with customary black.

I love color and love playing with it, so I cooked up some color palettes for fun. They’re inspired by everything from vintage Halloween to slasher films. Enjoy!

I used the packaging of an old Ben Cooper Halloween costume box for this palette.
Inspired by the colors of the traditional look of Frankenstein’s monster.
A modern Halloween palette using the colors routinely found in a lot of currently popular Halloween decor.
A goth purple palette. This one makes me think of a lot of things – from Tim Burton to the Disney Villains.
Now we begin to get more specific. I took these colors from a vintage “Creature from the Black Lagoon” poster.
A Fifth Dimension palette. Inspired by The Twilight Zone.
A Pennywise palette, inspired by a photo of Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise.
A palette inspired by one of my favorite things, a Ouija board.
Sort of a strange one, but I built this one using a photo of Jason Voorhees in his hockey mask.
With the new Child’s Play movie coming out, I built this one based off a photo of the old Chucky and his overalls.
And to close it all out, a palette based on traditional autumn colors.


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