At Home – Halloween Inventory 2019

At Home has been the first on the scene with their Halloween merchandise for the last few years and it’s already hit the shelves as of June 2 in Memphis, with others reporting similar finds in their stores. While not all items were on display yet, there was already an aisle and a half of Halloween items with a center display being cleared for inflatables. 

What does it look like so far? Well, let’s find out. Get ready. This post is mostly photos. 

There was a large representation of what I would call “Game of Thrones Halloween.” Lots of dragons and medieval-esque items. 

At Home always has really nifty lawn items for low prices and while there wasn’t a lot out yet, there were these eyeball stakes that were pretty fun. 

As well as other more traditional Halloween fare such as dinnerware and mugs.

While the inflatables and other larger items weren’t out yet, they had a couple of resin pieces guarding the area that would become home to those items in a couple of days or weeks.

Personally, I’m considering these plastic “gates.” I’m not sure these would be anymore sturdy than the ones I find at Dollar Tree, but I’m considering taking a chance on them.

And perhaps I was just in the spirit, but I couldn’t help but think these non-seasonal lanterns would be absolutely perfect for a display.

I also loved this one:

So not everything is out yet, but they’re starting even earlier this year. What do you think? Is it too early? 

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