The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Episode 2 Recap

Sabrina in white dress

Whatever qualms I may have had in my first review about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina being too “cute” for its atmosphere melted away with this episode. What began as awkwardness with Sabrina and her friends is turning into charm as we get to know the characters better. 

And with episode 2, the series also crossed into that land that all Netflix series yearn to travel to: it became bingeworthy. Had I not promised myself I would write each post before going to the next episode, I would have sprinted right on to episode 3.

As we step into Episode 2, Sabrina is hurtling toward her 16th birthday, Halloween and her dark baptism. If you’re keeping score, that makes for one helluva Halloween party.

Sabrina has a choice to make. Her aunts, particularly the nightmarish Aunt Zelda (portrayed perhaps a bit too convincingly by Miranda Otto), would seem to have Sabrina believe there is no choice. But it’s clear from the fretting these two are doing and the attempts of the high priest Father Blackwood to convince her that she must sign the Book of the Beast that there’s a lot of worry that Sabrina will make the wrong choice.

The fun thing about this series is that there’s no clear-cut villains or heroes. For instance, it’s clear that Hilda loves Sabrina, but she’s also terrified of her sister (and with good reason, you’ll see).  Even Madam Satan and the Weird Sisters wind up exacting much needed justice against those who deserve it (granted, it serves them to do so). 

The other truly fun thing about this series is that it’s a series out of time. I love anachronistic settings, as I’ve mentioned before, and use them in my own creative endeavors. And Greendale is obviously a place out of time. The 1960s have a tight hold on the aesthetics of the town, but Ambrose has a laptop. He also is familiar with Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and Grant Morrison. 

Perhaps it’s just Ambrose that’s out of time. Though, with Ros mentioning modern social concepts such as the “patriarchy” and “intersectionality” and those terms being met with familiarity and not confusion, it can’t just be Ambrose that’s out of time.

Here’s a picture of Ambrose being awesome.

And speaking of Ambrose, he is HANDS DOWN my favorite character. Which makes me fear for him. When he confronted Father Blackwood, I feared for him. STAY SAFE, AMBROSE.

Happy Halloween, I mean, Birthday, Sabrina

The Halloween party was a thing of beauty. From the lighting to the decor to that fabulous cake, which I’m so going to make. And having all the kids dancing to Monster Mash? Well, friends, we have a winner.

Peer pressure! Don’t do it!

Obviously, the pinnacle of this episode is Sabrina’s Dark Non-Baptism. A beautiful spectacle that eventually culminates in Sabrina becoming enemy #1 on Satan’s list and a young girl going up against the Dark Lord Lucifer? Honey, I’m here for it. 

There is one thing that I could truly live without when it comes to TCAOS and that’s the freaking focus tricks.

We get it. Something is off about Greendale. Sabrina is in a maze of mystery. Yep. Got it. How about not making it hard to view just to get that point across?

I’m all for artistic license but not at the expense of making your art less accessible. 

Still, for all its weird and (in my opinion) unnecessary visual tricks, Sabrina is a series that’s shaping up to be a fun, spooky diversion for those who like their Halloween served all year long. Like me.

Also if you abbreviate TCAOS, it’s almost “TACOS”. Can we just call it tacos? Because I like tacos and I also like this show. 

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