Clearance Christmas Items to Grab for Halloween

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After Halloween, all of us Halloween folks run for the clearance shelves like it’s Black Friday and we have to get ALL THE THINGS. But is it possible you might be missing some much needed items on those Christmas clearance aisles? 

Let me show you something. 

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like chainsaw mayhem.

These are chainsaw Christmas ornaments. Did you hear me? THEY ARE CHAINSAW CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. You can’t even imagine the giddiness that sprung forth in the Walmart when I found these. Intended for the handiman/woman contingent, these little beauties were found amongst other power tool ornaments such as a circular saw and a drill, but no power tool says Halloween like the iconic chainsaw. 

“But Kel, listen.” You begin. “I know you got lucky and you found you a mini chainsaw, but surely there’s nothing else I need out of the Christmas clearance, right?”

Honey, let me just show you something. Again. Here’s all the stuff you may (or may not – I won’t be too presumptuous) need from all that lovely Christmas clearance stuff:

Get your adhesive on with discount mini light adhesive clips.

Mini Light Adhesive Clips

They don’t have to be mini, but I actually bought some of these non-clearance (because, as we all know, the Christmas stuff hits stores way before Halloween is over) a few days before Halloween because I had some orange Halloween lights that needed mini adhesiving. 

Yes, I know that’s not a word.

They’re already quite cheap at $2.48 at Wally World and probably comparable prices at other retailers (an add-on pack of Command brand is $6.68 on Amazon at the time of this post, which is decidedly more than Wally World, but they’re also name brand). So once you add that whole 50%+ discount, it’s ridiculous to not grab a few packs if you do lights for your Halloween displays.

Wireless Timers

Again with the lights, alright? But you aren’t going to find these cheaper than you will after Christmas. And we’re talking prime prices at Halloween time. 

I realized, again, a few days before Halloween that my display could really have used one of these. At 50% off, this is almost a given.

“Mayhem at the Gazebo!”

Christmas Village Components

You may look at these and think, “Well, there’s your Christmas Hallmark movie in miniature right there.”

I look at these and see a sacrificial alter gazebo and, after some acrylic paint and modifications, either a Jack O Lantern or Skeleton water tower. If you’ve ever considered doing a Halloween village, now’s a good time to pick up all these Christmas do-dads so you can splatter them with acrylic paint and who knows what else to turn that winter wonderland into a Halloween extravaganza.

Black Christmas Trees

Whether or not there are any of these left at your local shop is questionable. I was waiting on a 6 foot to go on sale and they disappeared shortly after Thanksgiving. Thanks home magazines telling everyone that black trees are the new green trees. Or something.

Still, if you can find one of these, grab them. They’re already pretty cheap as it is and if they’re clearanced, they’re a real steal. And if you can’t find one, well, there’s always this 8 FOOT ONE (yessss) from Amazon.

Purple Ornaments. (And Black or Orange If You’re REALLY Lucky)

Personally, I’m fond of black and orange on my tree, but if you’re going for a more vibrant tree, there’s a good chance you can find some discount ornaments that will sing on your Halloween tree. Add some acrylic paint or Cricut vinyl and you can really jazz these things up.

You get lights and you get lights and you get lights!

Replacement Lights for Your Blow Molds

Yet another one I bought at full price. And look at them, they’ve already been picked over. Still, whatever you’ve bought is probably already lost by now, so go get you some more. Just don’t lose those ones, too.

That One Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed, But Now Can’t Live Without

Target had these awesome Christmas sweaters featuring everything from Stranger Things to Game of Thrones. Before Christmas, they retailed for $29.95. For some strange (YES I DID!) reason, they are still that price online because at the store? HALF PRICE. What does this mean? It means that I’m now the owner of a Men’s size small Stranger Things Christmas sweater with sequin disappearing Demogorgon. Hallelujah.

So yes: it’s mostly red and green and gold and snow and all that jazz (which is perfectly fine, OKAY?), but chances are, there’s something you need. Okay, maybe not need. Want? Who knows? Just don’t discriminate in the general direction of the Christmas clearance, ya dig?

What have you picked up on Christmas clearance that you were clearly picking up for Halloween?

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