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Big Bang Theory Halloween Costumes – Sheldon Cooper

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Sheldon Cooper. That name inspires thoughts of comic books, genius and the manic portrayal of Jim Parsons as the lovable (and not-so-lovable) geek.

Either alone or part of a group costume, Sheldon Cooper is not only a fairly easy costume to put together, but is also comfortable. The costume allows you to also dress somewhat warmly when adding Sheldon’s trademark lightweight jackets.

To put together this costume, I’ve created this nifty graphic. I’m sure Sheldon wouldn’t approve, but it’ll get you started on your way to creating your own Sheldon costume.

Sheldon’s costume is a simple one to put together. If you have enough of the components at home, it’s even a great last minute costume that can be created by simply raiding your closet. Some of the staples of Sheldon’s costume are:

  • Geeky Print Tee – Sheldon dons a number of geeky tees, emblazoned with everything from comic book hero emblems to science graphic in-jokes. Perhaps one of his most well known tees is that baring the Green Lantern emblem.
  • Long Sleeve Tee – Typically, Sheldon wears a long sleeve t-shirt underneath his printed tee. He tends to keep the sleeves pushed up just slightly below the elbow.
  • Khaki or Dark Colored Cotton or Linen Pants – Sheldon’s pants consist of dark or khaki colored pants in either cotton or linen. You can really do what you like with this part of the costume as long as the pants are somewhat loose fitting and adhere to the dark and khaki colors.

Need help finding components? Here’s a few to get you started. Click on any of the images to find out more:
Green Lantern Logo Classic Adult Kelly Green T-Shirt from Warner Bros.
Flash Classic Logo Adult Red T-Shirt from Warner Bros.

And in the event you just want a shortcut, here’s the costume in one nifty t-shirt.

Big Bang Theory Sheldon Trompe Loeil Tan T-Shirt

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